Question: Mankind is created by God, but why does God allow Satan to corrupt mankind?

Answer: First of all, we should understand God allows Satan to corrupt mankind for the purpose of making us know Satan’s filth and evil. If we don’t know how evil Satan is and how it corrupts mankind, then we can’t see how God saves mankind; if we don’t see how evil Satan is, then we can’t know God’s righteousness and holiness. So, we can see there is God’s good intention and also God’s wisdom behind God’s permission to Satan to corrupt mankind. If we truly know how Satan corrupts and devours mankind, and also see how God does His work step by step to lead and save corrupted mankind, then we can see that no matter how Satan corrupts mankind, it is just the foil and serving object of God’s work. As such, we can know that it is God who loves and saves mankind and also see God’s righteousness and holiness. By contrast, we mankind will hate Satan and detest evil but seek after light and want to return to God. This is the effect God wants to achieve!

In addition, we should know that God’s work is not prepared or arranged well as He created the world, but instead, God works according to the development of matters. Satan corrupts man, so God works to save man. No matter how Satan carries out its plot to corrupt man, God has His wisdom to save man from Satan’s domain. Just as God’s words say, “None of God’s work among humanity was already prepared at the creation of the world; rather, it was the development of things that allowed God to perform His work step by step more realistically and practically among humanity. This is just like how Jehovah God did not create the snake in order to tempt the woman. It was not His specific plan, nor was it something that He had intentionally predestined; one could say that this was unexpected. It was thus because of this that Jehovah expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and vowed to never again create man. But God’s wisdom is only discovered by people upon this foundation, just like the point that I mentioned earlier: ‘My wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s plots.’ No matter how corrupt humanity grew or how the snake tempted them, Jehovah still had His wisdom; therefore, He has been engaged in new work ever since He created the world, and none of the steps of this work have ever repeated. Satan has continuously carried out plots; humanity has been continuously corrupted by Satan, and Jehovah God has also continuously carried out His wise work. He has never failed, and He has never ceased His work from the creation of the world through now. After humanity was corrupted by Satan, He continuously worked among people to defeat His enemy who corrupts humanity. This battle will continue from the beginning until the world’s end. In doing all this work, He has not only allowed humanity, who has been corrupted by Satan, to receive His great salvation, but also allowed them to see His wisdom, almightiness and authority, and in the end He will let humanity see His righteous disposition—punishing the wicked and rewarding the good. He has battled Satan to this very day and has never been defeated, for He is a wise God, and His wisdom is exercised based on Satan’s plots. And so He not only makes everything in heaven submit to His authority; He also makes everything upon earth rest below His footstool, and not last of all, He makes those evildoers who invade and harass humanity fall within His chastisement. All the results of the work are brought about because of His wisdom. He had never revealed His wisdom before the existence of humanity, for He had no enemies in heaven, upon earth, or in the entire universe, and there were no dark forces that invaded anything among nature. After the archangel betrayed Him, He created humanity upon the earth, and it was because of humanity that He formally began His millennia-long war with Satan, the archangel, a war that grows more heated with every successive stage. His almightiness and wisdom are present in each of these stages. Only at this time can everything in heaven and earth see God’s wisdom, almightiness, and particularly God’s realness.

From God’s words, we can see that Satan is evil and in enmity to God, always competing with God for God’s authority. When Satan sees God created man and let man manage all things on earth, it starts to corrupt and control man, tempting man to resist and betray God but follow it. Thus, we can say Satan’s corruption to mankind is determined by its evil essence of opposing God. However, God allows Satan to corrupt mankind, in which there is God’s wisdom. Since Satan corrupts mankind, God starts to battle with Satan to save mankind step by step. After God thoroughly saves man from Satan’s domain, man will truly see that Satan’s essence is evil and ugly, and it can only corrupt and afflict man, while God’s essence is righteous and holy, and only God loves man and can save man. By such a contrast, we will have real discernment so that we will more hate Satan, completely betray and abandon it; we will wholeheartedly follow God and pursue the truth to be saved by God. In this way, we can know that God uses Satan as the foil to save mankind, which is indeed God’s wisdom and almightiness. Thank God!