Question: I felt very depressed when my colleague did my part of work instead of me and then I became the one who plays a minor role, so now I lack the motivation for my current work, what should I do?

Answer: In our real life, each of us wants to be the one who is higher than others and the one who can be looked up to and admired by others; even some people see it as their pursuit of their whole life. So once losing his position or other’s admiration and becoming an insignificant person, he will feel thrown off balance, have no motivation to work and live in the perplexity and sufferings. Actually, I was also very confused about it before, but fortunately, I gained a lot from God’s word and understood how to face the ups and downs in our life, how to live a brilliant and peaceful life in both favorable circumstances and adversities.

I read God’s word saying, “From the moment you come crying into this world, you begin to perform your duty. You assume your role in the plan of God and in the ordination of God. You begin the journey of life.” “Throughout this vast world, all of mankind labors busily in the work of finding their own way. They are not sure what role they play and some even damage or forfeit their lives for the sake of their fate.” Actually, we come to this world with our own missions to finish and roles to play. Yet since we are corrupted by Satan and live based on its poison like“rising above others,” “ranking higher than others” “be in charge of others,” we all want to distinguish ourselves, stand above other people in this world and are unwilling to be ordinary. To stand out and become successful, some people suffer whilst studying for many years, and some spend their lifetime changing their own fate so as to rise above others. Even some always feel depressed for their ordinary life; some feel gloomy because they’re unwilling to be minor roles; furthermore, some lash out against Heaven and man alike for they are unsatisfied with their current situation. However, all of these are caused by the wrong viewpoints Satan brings to us. In fact, no matter what kind of roles we play, each role exists with its own value and meaning. Just like the parts of a clock, the cogwheels and screws look very tiny, but they are the most crucial parts in a clock. No matter how beautiful the case of a clock it is, this clock will never move without the cogwheels and screws. We human beings are all created by God; each of us has our different missions and perform different functions on our own positions. Some play the lead roles, while some just play minor roles, but even though what we play is just a supporting role, that doesn’t mean we are lower than others.

God says, “No other objective conditions can influence the mission of a person, which is predestined by the Creator. All people become mature in their own particular growing-up environments, then gradually, step by step, set off down their own roads in life, fulfill the destinies planned for them by the Creator, naturally, involuntarily entering the vast sea of humanity and assuming their own posts in life, where they begin to fulfill their responsibilities as created beings for the sake of the Creator’s predestination, for the sake of His sovereignty.” Our lives are all under the sovereignty and orchestration of God. Everybody is special; God bestows on us different merits and advantages, different functions and missions, different living environments and fates. There is no minor role in life, because each of us finishes our own mission under the arrangement of God. Only if we obey the Creator’s sovereignty, don’t look up to and admire those who have high positions, nor look down upon and discriminate those with low positions, give up our desires for fame and position within, find our own positions to show our personal abilities and talents, neither struggle nor contend, just perform the duty as a creation, can we get the blessings of God and live out a meaningful life.